Friday, January 18, 2013

Get Start menu for windows 8

Hello folks! hope you all are fine, well I'm doing great. Now we all have discussed a lot about windows 8most of us liked it and there are also people who didn't liked it much. The first thing that was missed by the windows lovers was the start menu that was always available since windows first GUI based Operating system. Although the new design is much prettier(the Metro UI), still there are people who are used to start menu, well there is always a solution to a problem. Yes there are lot of 3rd party applications for the same but the one we recommend is pokkithe best thing about pokki is you have a separate app store, you also have notifications from apps installed such as facebook, twitter, linkedin etc.,

Banner notifications is also a good feature.

Another good feature that I liked in pokki is its search bar, when we search something it first shows its apps similar to our searched phrase(item) then shows the apps/files in our PC and also shows the web search results of the same content,.now according to me that is its best feature. 

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